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Fill this out and turn it in to one of our offices to get your direct deposit started. Its free and a convenient way to receive your paycheck.
Remember that time cards are due by noon every Monday don’t forget to fill in all the fields and have a supervisor sign it before you turn it in!
Print this form if you would like to change your withholdings on your paycheck. Turn in the original to any of our locations to make the change.
Each reprint costs $5 for the current year and $10 for previous years, and they are only processed on Friday. Fill out this form and turn it in with your payment to receive a previous copy of your W2.
Workers at Stihl Factory

Join The Lee Group for a series of JOB FAIRS to fill immediate openings available at $13 – $15 per hour. These positions are with a local, prominent manufacturing company…
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Executive reading a resume during a job interview and businessman Completing Application Form

You dial up a recruiting firm in hopes of filling the vacant seats in your company. After a 10-minute chat, someone sends a list of prospective employees your way. Maybe…
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Job interview durig COVID-19 epidemic

What hasn’t changed due to COVID -19? You might be surprised by this answer if you’re fazed by an economy still in recovery mode. Yes, you can still find a…
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The good news is you’ve landed an interview with a top employer. Forget the firm handshake, though. These days your first impression is likely to be laptop to laptop. COVID-19…
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The Lee Group Owners Walt Graham and Eric Kean

Morale matters. It’s no surprise that employees who feel motivated about getting up and going to work every day and enjoy their time there perform at a higher level. Likewise,…
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