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Reflecting on 2022, Walt Graham sums it up in one word — weird. “It’s been a weird year,” says the President of The Lee Group, a trend setter in the…
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You’re hiring but either nobody’s biting or that collection of resumes in your inbox doesn’t reflect the type of candidate you’re hoping to attract. What can you do? First, take…
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It’s no secret that we’re living in a candidate’s market, so if you’re an employer looking to attract the best talent, here are 5 recruitment strategies to keep you on…
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We’re closing in on 2023 and if you’re looking for a job now or plan to wait until the new year to search for your next opportunity, these tips should…
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Man with laptop searching for jobs

So, what did we learn about the job market in 2022? The employee matters. Top companies recognize this and understand finding talented people isn’t as hard as retaining them in…
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