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Keara Johnson of the Lee Group’s Newport News office.

Keara Johnson didn’t see herself working at a staffing firm. She graduated from Virginia State University with a sociology major and social work minor, prepared to work for a school…
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Lee Group Newport News office’s Andi Sellers.

When she’s not busy keeping up with her toddler, the chaos of owning five dogs and her job as Payroll Manager at The Lee Group, Andi Sellers is probably in…
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Walt Graham grew up wearing Converse sneakers or on occasion, Hush Puppies. Nobody ever bullied him over his choice of footwear. But watching a local newscast one morning, The Lee…
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Darrera Webb, who prefers to go by “Tink,” never really thought about a manufacturing career considering she was terrified at the idea of even holding a drill. Now as a…
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Megan Sodol had no doubt she’d succeed as a Staffing Manager at The Lee Group. She’s just grateful she enjoys the job so much. Sodol has a history of excelling…
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