Cindy Harp is Staffing Manager for The Lee Group, based in the firm’s Chesapeake, VA office. A twenty year veteran of the firm, she is responsible for high-volume staffing, successfully filling job orders and working on both industrial and clerical positions. Most importantly, Cindy helps build lasting relationships.

Those relationships are at the heart of The Lee Group difference for Cindy. She takes pride in validating the quality of her candidates, and investing the time to know her clients well enough to provide them with just the right person to fill their business-critical positions.

To Cindy, finding the perfect match on the first try is very rewarding. She recalls the time a client turned to her for assistance hiring a maintenance mechanic. Knowing the client well and what they were looking for thanks to many site visits, questions and communication, Cindy felt confident she could produce the perfect candidate. Cindy arranged a few phone interviews with a person she had in mind, and after speaking with the client, a hire was made – all on the very first try.

Cindy knows that hiring the right person for her clients means no turnover and better business outcomes – and that a client who is happy with her candidates and trusts her hiring decisions will continue to use The Lee Group services. For her, great relationships are paramount.

Originally from Gillette, WI, Cindy graduated from First Colonial High School in Virginia Beach, VA. She has completed the American Staffing Association’s Employment Law Accreditation program.

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