Doug Hockaday is an Executive Search Consultant at Lee Group Search, specializing in partnering with companies nationwide to recruit the talent they need to grow and scale their business operations.

Originally from Yorktown, Virginia, Doug joined Lee Group Search in 2020.

Doug sees Lee Group Search as more than just a headhunting and recruiting firm. It’s about connecting with clients and candidates, providing consultation and counseling and making a match that’s set up for the long term.

He believes strongly in the impact a recruiter can make simply by taking the time to listen. Listen to the company and what their needs are. Listen to the candidate and what they want to achieve. Listen to the market and guide people through the process of finding the right positions to enhance their lives.

The result, when you get a placement right, brings real and meaningful impact to people.

A great job with the right environment for a candidate turned employee means fulfillment for them. It’s life changing.

The right fit for a company brings fulfillment that creates a business environment set up for success and growth.

At the end of the day, whether you work for a business or own a business, the work Doug does is rooted in a love of family – his own family and those of the people he serves.

We work to live, Doug said.

That’s why when Doug isn’t at the office, you’ll find him spending quality time doing anything and everything he can with his wife and three children.

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