Gianna Bowers is Staffing Manager for The Lee Group, operating out of the firm’s Chesapeake, VA office and focused on interviewing clerical and industrial candidates to send to client sites. She truly enjoys assisting people with successful placements. A native of Delaware, it’s something The Lee Group was able to do for her when she first moved to Virginia.

She joined the firm in 2015.

The Lee Group difference for Gianna means building strong relationships with clients and employees, which makes it especially rewarding when she can find the right fit for people. She finds that even when things don’t work out on a particular placement attempt, it’s gratifying when the candidate comes back to her again, or they go out of their way to thank her for taking the time to try. Gianna is one who always wants to lend a hand when she can.

Gianna likes to reflect on how she came to The Lee Group, which is a favorite personal story. After relocating to Virginia due to her husband’s career, Gianna struggled to find a job through other channels. She connected with The Lee Group and quickly landed a short-term project. Once completed, The Lee Group branch manager called Gianna to offer her a position with the firm itself. Gianna jumped at the chance, quickly learning that her background in journalism was an ideal fit for the interviewing requirements of the firm’s pre-screener role. And the rest is history, with Gianna soon rising to staffing manager.

She has learned that it is so incredibly important to find the right fit, because client companies need to find resources that can step in and deliver right away. Gianna and her team take the time to get to know candidates, to make sure they have the knowledge and skill set for the given job requirements. It’s an investment that pays off for companies and employees alike.

Gianna earned a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications from North Carolina A&T State University.

Away from the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles during football season.

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