Samantha Long joined The Lee Group in 2020 and serves as a Recruiter.

In her role, “I look for candidates to work for a variety of quality companies and succeed with The Lee Group,” Samantha said. “I reach out through different job sites and platforms to find the perfect candidates. I work closely with our Staffing Managers to find a perfect fit for both the candidates and our clients.”

Originally from Decatur, Illinois, Samantha was drawn to working in the staffing industry because of the deep impact you can make in people’s lives.

“Finding the right candidates can be a difficult task to do,” Samantha said. “But whenever we find the perfect fit it shows in workflow and atmosphere for the company. People who love their jobs try their best to produce the best work. Companies prosper with hard working and capable workers.”

Samantha is currently working toward finishing her undergraduate degree through the University of Arkansas.

When she’s not in the office, you can find her walking her dog, reading a book and relaxing with her favorite video games.

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