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At The Lee Group, we embrace the idea that we are purpose driven to change people’s lives. While our recruiters and staffing consultants do this every day as part of their jobs, we also aim to be ambassadors in the communities we serve.

In recognition of The Lee Group’s 50th anniversary, we’re sharing 50 (and then some) random acts of kindness that we encourage all of our team members, partners, friends and neighbors to consider to make the community around us a better place to live.

Some only take a moment. Others require a larger time investment. All can positively impact somebody else’s day.

Happy young sportswoman doing stretching exercises while standing on a road outdoors

Here’s to good health

  1. Donate blood to the Red Cross
  2. Donate platelets to the Red Cross
  3. Adopt a senior citizen at a nursing home
  4. Run a 5K for a favorite cause
  5. Volunteer at a hospice
  6. Volunteer at a COVID vaccine clinic
  7. Get CPR certified and teach a friend
  8. Become an organ donor

In the neighborhood

  1. Pick up trash in your neighborhood or at a park
  2. Rake leaves for a senior citizen
  3. Declutter your home by giving books and CDs to a library
  4. Offer to babysit for a family with a baby
  5. Reconnect with a family member or friend
  6. Start a community garden
  7. Offer to take a neighbor shopping
  8. Drive a neighbor to church

Use your hands

  1. Volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity build
  2. Offer to write a grant for a nonprofit
  3. Become a Habitat ReStore volunteer
  4. Knit a hat or baby blanket for Riverside Hospital
  5. Bake for Lasagna Love
  6. Deliver Meals on Wheels
  7. Knit or crochet a blanket for a hospice patient through Hugs from the Heart
  8. Join a workday at Hoffler Creek Wildlife Foundation
  9. Create a living shoreline with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

For our furry friends

  1. Foster a cat or dog for a shelter or humane society
  2. Give pet food/supplies to a shelter or humane society
  3. Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog

Support our kids

  1. Coach a youth team
  2. Read to children at a local library
  3. Be a mentor at a boys and girls club
  4. Be a coach for Girls on the Run
  5. Become a mentor with Girls with Goals Alliance
  6. Mentor a child of a prisoner for Seton Youth Shelters
  7. Adopt a child for the Angel Tree
  8. Save Box Tops for Education and donate to a school
  9. Host a diversity book club for youth

It just takes a moment

  1. Pay for the person behind you in a drive-through line
  2. Review your favorite restaurant or grocery store online
  3. Hold the door for the person behind you
  4. Ask someone what they need help with
  5. Recycle
  6. Smile back
  7. Wave someone in to merge in front of you
  8. Leave coupons for others at the grocery store
  9. Let someone cut in line in front of you
  10. Put a change jar on your desk and collect for a worthy cause
  11. Say “Thank you”

Do it virtually

  1. Host a fundraiser for a favorite cause online
  2. Review a job seeker’s resume and conduct a mock interview
  3. Teach English or technology skills to students virtually for Outreach360

Make an impact

  1. Register people to vote
  2. Join the board of a nonprofit
  3. Start a drive to donate to a foodbank
  4. Become an organ donor
  5. Organize a coat drive
  6. Adopt a bin for Soles4Souls
  7. Volunteer with a local police department
  8. Help a vet by volunteering at a local USO
  9. Help adults learn to read as a volunteer for Peninsula READS
  10. Donate your Halloween candy to Operation Gratitude
  11. Shop local
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