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We are hiring written on a memo at the office
Worker at Stihl Factory
The Lee Group Open Interview Days Graphic
Workers at Stihl Factory
Executive reading a resume during a job interview and businessman Completing Application Form
Job interview durig COVID-19 epidemic
College graduates in cap and gown
Businessman working on a laptop in a park
The Lee Group Owners Walt Graham and Eric Kean
The Lee Group Newport News Virginia Team
LinkedIn logo on the iphone X screen is placed on the laptop keyboard next to AirPods.
Yasmine Davis, Recruiter with The Lee Group in Chesapeake, Virginia
Maxine Sizemore of The Lee Group’s Richmond, Virginia Staffing and Recruitment Office
Gianna Bowers Staffing Manager for The Lee Group
Tahnee Thornton
Sheryl Dinger The Lee Group Staffing Newport News
Woman meditating, doing yoga in office.
Main in gray suit smiling, arms crossed.
Young Waitress Taking Orders in Cafe
personal financial planning concept
Young businesswoman meditating sitting on working table in lotus pose in her office
The Lee Group Newport News Virginia Eric Kean and Walt Graham
Yasmine Davis, Recruiter with The Lee Group in Chesapeake, Virginia
The Lee Group Staffing Team in Office in Chesapeake Virginia
Steve Vise, The Lee Group’s Staffing Manager in the Richmond, Virginia Office
Nicole Padgett The Lee Group
Cindy Harp The Lee Group Staffing Manager
Sarah Fulton of the Lee Group
Business Handshake
Two Businesswoman Having Handshake In Office
Computer Resume Job Search
Creative Lightbulbs
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Ellie Howard wakes up excited to go to work. She’s liked jobs before but never loved them as much as being a Staffing Manager at The Lee Group. “This is…
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Ellie Howard in the Lee Group Newport News office Tuesday May 31, 2022.