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You dial up a recruiting firm in hopes of filling the vacant seats in your company. After a 10-minute chat, someone sends a list of prospective employees your way. Maybe they work out. Maybe they don’t. But as far as that recruiter is concerned, it’s a done deal.

That’s one way to do it.

The Lee Group embraces another approach, relying on a 10-step program to recruit, screen and properly assess the best ambassadors for your company — its employees.

“We try to do things in a specific way,” says Sarah Fulton, The Lee Group’s Vice President of Operations. “Our core values are layered into everything we do. We’re approachable. We’re genuine. We’re good at what we do. And we try to make the process fun.”

For starters

The Lee Group prioritizes understanding the culture of a company beyond what’s written on the website.

“We accomplish that through meaningful conversation, so expect to chat with us in-depth initially,” Fulton says.

Working with hiring managers on what The Lee Group calls a company assessment (step 1) introduces The Lee Group recruiters to a company’s staff and way of doing everything. It’s meant to help align candidates with your values and mission statement.

“The secret sauce in our doing it better than anybody else is at the beginning,” Fulton says. “When we’re talking to a new customer, we don’t just want to take an order. Letting us come in to develop a good position description is where we find success.”

Former TFC Recycling Human Resources Manager Jessica Frederick went from working with multiple staffing agencies to just one largely thanks to the attention The Lee Group pays to this step.

“The Lee Group became my go-to people — the only company I wanted to use,” she says. “They take care of what you need no matter what it is. Whatever you want, they’ll do it.”


Recruiting is The Lee Group’s business, and they take it seriously.

“We consider it an ongoing process in order to keep a constant pipeline of candidates available for open positions,” Fulton says. What we refer to as ongoing recruitment is step 2. We don’t start, stop or even pause.”

That’s why The Lee Group is recognized as the leading provider of staffing services in the Eastern Virginia area.

“We recruit each and every day to keep a constant flow of candidates ready to fill the positions you need,” Fulton says.

Just a few questions

The same deep dive recruiters invest in exploring a company’s culture in step 1 applies to getting to know candidates. Talking to them is not a resume rehash. The Lee Group isn’t interested in their highlighting bullet points from a list of accomplishments.

“We want to know them from the inside out,” Fulton says. “We verify an applicant’s placement potential through a telephone screening first (step 3) before a comprehensive personal interview (step 4). We talk to applicants about what they prioritize in life, not just in a job. We explore their interests and passions and what makes them tick.”

“We’re not just looking at a candidate’s skillset; we find out what factors are important to them in taking a job,” Fulton says.

If the candidate must juggle childcare or transportation issues or cannot work a certain shift, they know. The Lee Group staff digs for answers pertinent to ensuring a suitable placement on both ends.

“Someone might come in for a specific job, but after listening to them tell us what’s important, we might have a better fit for them,” Fulton says.

The Lee Group then only presents companies with candidates considered an ideal match.

Put to the test

Most businesses The Lee Group works with are data driven. The Lee Group uses skills assessment tests (step 5) as additional factors to evaluate candidates’ strengths. Data is an objective way to measure a potential employee. Skills tests can, in fact, benefit candidates. Based on results, candidates can identify areas where certain skills need study or training to develop.

Assessments aren’t one size fits all, either. We test on skills relevant to the openings available.

Getting oriented

All candidates complete an orientation that reviews internal policies and procedures and discusses expectations (step 6). The Lee Group reviews attendance requirements, call-in procedures, safety awareness, payroll questions and any other information that leads to a seamless transition.

Checking up

Reference verification is time consuming. It’s also important. The Lee Group has it covered, verifying employment, salary history and all the details about a candidate’s former employment before the first day on the job (step 7).

“We don’t just make a cursory phone call,” Fulton says. “Our goal is to thoroughly reference every candidate. We ask for details from a candidate’s last two jobs. We ask for personal references, too. We know the importance employers place on a new hire’s credibility, so we cut no corners.”

Added checks

Performing background and criminal history checks (step 8) are additional steps to properly vet a prospective employee. If asked, The Lee Group will also review a candidate’s driving record.

Drug testing (step 9) is standard procedure minus the lengthy waits. The Lee Group turnaround time is all of five minutes.

“When you trust us with your recruiting needs, we take that seriously, Fulton says. “Conducting a comprehensive background check and mandating a drug screening are the final touches in guaranteeing we recommend the most reliable and trustworthy matches for your vacancies.”

Just for you

Customized orientations tailored to your company (step 10) completes the process.

“A new associate will understand your company’s protocol from day one,” Fulton says. “We’re happy to do an initial walk through if you’d like. The Lee Group takes pride in our comprehensive process to interview and place only the best employees. We value all of our clients and look forward to sustaining a relationship for the long term.”

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