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Furloughs. Hiring freezes. Layoffs.

Since March 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the economy. Glassdoor reports that between March 9 and April 6, 2020 U.S. job openings dropped by 20.5%, and one out of every two internship opportunities closed.

For recent college graduates, these numbers don’t paint a pretty picture of the current job market. But, even with the current economic uncertainty, there are still companies hiring (pssst…The Lee Group is one of them).

As the class of 2020 begins to enter the job market, here are where industry experts say to look:

COVID-19 Job Boards

Yes, it’s a thing. Online search platforms such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Indeed, just to name a few, have created COVID-19 resource job boards to tell you who’s hiring and to offer insights into navigating the current job market. Some examples include specific information on companies that are hiring now, tips on working remote, employment resources by state as well as free webinars and trainings.

Gig and Contract Work

If you’re having a hard time finding a full-time job in your specific field, then it might be time to consider other options. The gig economy had redefined traditional employment and includes freelancers, drivers, and contractors who get paid by the task or project. Because of this, gig workers typically have several temporary jobs at once. Indeed Gigs is a great place to begin your search for this type of work.

Change It Up

If ever there was a time to be flexible, it’s now. Being able to adapt to a changing job market is crucial as a new college graduate. Employment experts suggest that to improve your chances of getting a job, you should look at opportunities you may not have considered in the past. Jobs can definitely be found in healthcare, remote meeting and communication companies, shipping and delivery companies like UPS and Amazon as well as grocery store and delivery services such as Kroger and Instacart.

Temporary Work

Temp roles are one of the best ways to get your foot in the door, and The Lee Group is ready to help! Don’t get hung up on the fact that it’s not a permanent job. As companies reassess their needs during the pandemic, the statuses of jobs can change. Even though something is temporary now, it could become full-time once the company sees an uptick in business. Those who are willing to be flexible will create opportunities for themselves.

Keep at it!

Finding a job can be challenging on a normal day, so it’s understandable to get frustrated while job searching during a pandemic.

Don’t Give Up

Keep sending in resumes and make sure to tailor each cover letter to the specific employer. Also, if you’ve applied but haven’t heard anything, reach out to the employer and inquire. It shows you’re really interested and helps you gauge which companies are better at communicating than others.

Work Your Network

Faculty, friends, family, fellow alumni – keep your connections fresh and make new ones!

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