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COVID-19 has changed the world in countless ways.

Movie theaters are closed, restaurants have new regulations to follow and most companies have had to embrace a new employment landscape – anything from transitioning to a remote work culture to moving products and services online.

In short, everything is changing, and businesses need employees who will bring the most value to the table now more than ever.

So, what are the top job skills in a post-coronavirus-world?

Here’s our top seven.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Embrace change, or at least accept it. Someone who is going to succeed in the ever-evolving workplace will need to be okay with things not always going as planned. To help get more comfortable with the concept, experts suggest planning in small steps – from A to B instead of A to Z. Just remember, one step at a time. Continuously updating and refreshing your skills is also vital. It’s important to stay marketable in case of furloughs or layoffs.

Tech Savviness

If you’re some who’s intimidated by technology, now’s the time to get over your anxiety. When your boss looks to you to set up a Zoom call or assist with a virtual presentation, it’s best to have at least some understanding of what he or she is asking. Take some time to familiarize yourself with virtual workspace tools.

Additionally, the pandemic is forcing a lot of companies to fast-track digital transformation initiatives. If you have skills in automation, artificial intelligence, IT, and robotics, you may find yourself in a good position for future employment as companies add these now highly-relevant positions.


While the pandemic has created a host of challenges for many businesses, it has also brought creativity. For example, when forced to close, many restaurants moved to curbside pickups and delivery, while retail stores utilized transparent shower curtains and curtain rods to set up makeshift barriers for their employees and doctor’s offices began treating patients virtually. Bottom line, is that it’s a good time to “think outside the box.” Employers will need creative and innovative thinkers to help come up with new products and new ways of working.

Critical Thinking

Do you believe everything you read? With so much information floating around and constant broadcasting of news related to the pandemic, employers will now more than ever value an employee who is a critical thinker with the ability to analyze data. Employers will appreciate people who can objectively evaluate information from many different sources.

Digital & Coding Skills

Web design, coding and digital marketing will also be skills that are in high demand post-coronavirus. People who know how to keep a business running digitally in case of a shutdown or another pandemic will be vital to most organizations.


This is a tried and true skill, but as the traditional workplace morphs into something more fluid, it will become even more important for every employee on the team to have leadership skills. Being a professional with strong skills in leadership, including how to bring out the best and inspire teams as well as encourage collaboration, will be in demand!


With ‘remote working’ becoming the norm post-COVID 19, company data is even more at risk. With people relying more on personal or less secure wi-fi networks, the threat levels will increase and cybersecurity will become more critical. Those with IT security training and skills are well-positioned for the many new job openings expected in this field.

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