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Looking for your next job?

You could Google the applicable search terms. Type “Business Analyst” into Indeed and more than 37,000 job openings pop up.

Networking is another idea. Who do you know? Does everyone you know realize you’re looking for a job. Don’t overlook online networking. Build your social network and be active in discussion groups related to your field.

If you have a dream company in mind, check the company’s website under Careers or something similar. The latest postings are almost always listed.

Attend a job fair. This offers the opportunity to impress in person. Make sure to dress the part and bring copies of your resume.

If you’re a student, consider an internship after graduation. Often that leads to a full-time opportunity.

Now let’s talk about recruitment and staffing firms. Have you dismissed this idea in the past? Whether you’re seeking an entry-level position or an executive role, it makes sense to partner with a reputable recruitment firm.

When you partner with a firm with an excellent reputation such as The Lee Group in Virginia, you have access to resources that aren’t online and available to everyone else seeking the same type of job.

The Lee Group has built relationships with hiring managers and companies throughout Hampton Roads and Richmond and is doing just that – hiring people for specific open positions throughout the region. Looking for a job takes work, and especially if you’re already employed, it’s tiring to leave your desk only to dedicate all the hours necessary to secure your next position.

When you submit your resume to a staffing agency like The Lee Group, staffing managers in offices in Newport News, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Richmond can then see where you might fit the best based on your location, your background and your work needs and match you up. Using a firm means you can often bypass the cumbersome online application process.

The Lee Group also has a job board you can explore, too, here.

The best part? Once you’ve started working with an elite recruiting firm, the relationship you establish is for life. You don’t have to reintroduce yourself. Your recruiter knows you and will always have your best interests in mind when the next opportunity arises.

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