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It wasn’t so long ago when resumes were mostly a hard copy kind of thing, with painstakingly formatted bullets and blocks of text that were printed only on the highest-quality paper.

And while it’s still good to maintain a printable document or PDF of your resume or curriculum vitae (CV), the internet has really changed the hiring game substantially.

With the rise of LinkedIn and other job sharing and search mechanisms, having a strong online resume and profile is critical to efficiently keeping yourself in front of potential employers, staffing agencies and hiring managers.

Here are 6 tips for building and getting the most out of your online resume profile while rising above the pack:

Write a super summary. LinkedIn profiles include both a mandatory “Headline” and optional “Summary” field. Use the summary to give employers and hiring managers the highlights of your employment history, but also be sure to talk about what you’re looking for in your next job. In other words, what are your employment goals?

Quantify your accomplishments. The more you can measurably describe your past achievements in the workplace, the stronger your resume will look. For example, mention how many people were on the team you managed, how many units of product were manufactured per day in your department, or how many weeks ahead of schedule your last project completed.

Avoid self-aggrandizement. Calling yourself a “thought leader” is fine if you have the proof to back it up. But be honest with yourself. Describe yourself as “resourceful” or “results-oriented” only if the content of your bio substantiates those claims – for example, by briefly describing the time you pulled a team of experts together to drive a tough project to completion, or the year when you exceeded your sales quota four quarters in a row.

Proofread, proofread, proofread! For many hiring managers or potential employers, you’re often one of many people being considered for a job. Typos just give folks a reason to move on to the next candidate, so make sure you carefully proofread the final version. Better yet, do yourself a favor and have a colleague, friend or family member review as well, as they could catch things you might have glanced over dozens of times before.

Keep it fresh. As your job responsibilities (or the job itself) changes, be sure to update your resume accordingly. Add new accomplishments as well, especially if they are measureable and quantifiable. Find an interesting article or blog post online that is relevant to your domain? Feel like writing one yourself? Share it from you LinkedIn profile and build credibility. Which leads to…

Tap the power of the LinkedIn network! LinkedIn is an increasingly powerful tool for connecting with others professionally, including staffing and recruiting firms like The Lee Group. Use that power to your advantage. Not sure how? Check out the series of educational webinars about LinkedIn that cover getting started, creating your online presence, engaging with your LinkedIn network and other topics.

And remember that The Lee Group is here to help. Whether you’re looking for job placement on a temporary or contract basis, or you’re looking to capitalize on the national reach of an executive search firm with more than 30 years of experience, explore The Lee Group’s site for job seekers and learn how our personal approach ensures the best placement every time.

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