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Businesspeople are smart. Conceptually, it’s not too hard to understand how a placement firm can promise to handle their staffing process better/faster/cheaper than they could do it themselves.

But let’s go beyond the high-level marketing to explore what that really means, how it’s true and why businesses of all sizes can really benefit from using a staffing company.

Filling Positions Fast – Small or mid-size businesses don’t have the time or resources required to quickly fill open positions with properly vetted candidates. It’s hard enough managing the day-to-day operations of a company. At The Lee Group, staffing is what we do, all day every day. Our team networks and interviews for a living, so we know precisely who is available, what they can bring to the table, and when. Businesses can focus on their operations while we do the hiring for them.

Ensuring a Steady Stream – Even for larger businesses, it can be difficult to efficiently manage recurring openings, particularly when HR teams and in-house recruiters are busy addressing more strategic hiring needs. It makes good business sense to build a relationship with a leading placement firm like The Lee Group who is interviewing all the time and has their finger on the pulse of the job market. We keep the talent faucet running for you!

Providing Valuable Visibility – It happens all the time. An applicant just doesn’t see the jobs that are posted by an individual company, but they do see the postings when they are shared by the placement firm. The Lee Group brings maximum exposure to a company’s hiring needs.

Benefitting from the Bench – Because of the breadth and depth of our continual recruitment efforts, we have a deep bench of talent ready for hiring. Businesses might come to us looking to fill a receptionist position, for example, and many times we have the top four candidates who have already been interviewed. This means placements are made in a fraction of the time it would take a business to handle it on their own. 

Shifting with the Seasons – Making staffing adjustments to meet seasonal requirements can be challenging and downright painful when a business has to lay someone off. By working with a staffing firm, businesses can ramp up or down seasonally as needed, with the firm managing the logistical risk.

Cutting Hidden Costs – It’s expensive enough for businesses to do their own hiring, factoring in the money spent on employment ads, the time spent doing interviews and other costs. Then there’s the hidden cost of hiring an employee who isn’t a good fit. Many businesses leave positions open longer than needed just to avoid that exact scenario. And then when a bad hire happens, they keep the person on board longer than they should. These costs and headaches can be avoided by getting help from a staffing firm.

Try Before You Buy – The Lee Group has developed an “attempt to hire model” that reduces the risk of a business making a hiring commitment with an employee who turns out not be a great fit. For example, The Lee Group takes care of the initial benefits and on-boarding experience on behalf of the hiring business. For industrial and manufacturing businesses especially, having The Lee Group assume this level of risk – handling workers’ compensation, insurance and safety – is a huge benefit.

On the flip side, this model also works in the candidate’s favor, enabling them to get a taste of the job before officially being hired on. If the fit isn’t there, the business doesn’t have to terminate the would-be employee, nor does the would-be employee have to quit.

This last item speaks to the importance of ensuring just the right fit between the hiring business and the employment candidate. And this speaks to The Lee Group difference.

For The Lee Group, it’s not about just placing people in jobs. It’s about making sure there’s an optimal fit for across the board, for both businesses and candidates alike. To learn more about why The Lee Group believes that’s an important job worth getting right, visit our staffing resources page and contact us.

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