Keara Johnson of the Lee Group’s Newport News office.

Keara Johnson didn’t see herself working at a staffing firm. She graduated from Virginia State University with a sociology major and social work minor, prepared to work for a school system in a therapeutic day program.

School transitioning to virtual last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic forced a change of plans. She sought an internship initially in reaching out to The Lee Group, but Vice President of Operations Sarah Fulton recognized her potential and brought her aboard as a Recruiter.

It’s the perfect fit for the daughter of two preachers. The Richmond native is someone who likes to make a difference in people’s lives, and recruiting for The Lee Group gives her the opportunity to do that.

“I love what I do,” Johnson said. “At the end of the day, I love that I can be a part of giving people second chances by helping them find a good job.”

Johnson conducts pre-screening phone interviews as part of her tasks and she’s got a knack for reading people so well that she knows exactly what positions best match their skillset and personality.

Johnson grew up with a value system that stressed giving back to the community. Often that meant serving food to the homeless or gathering toiletries for a women’s shelter. She continued that path as an adult. Heavily involved in her church’s outreach, Johnson routinely organizes or takes part in multiple fundraisers at once. She was happy to participate in The Lee Group’s recent shoe drive on behalf of local youth.

“I have a heart for it,” she said.

Lesser known, Johnson also has a passion for singing various styles that range from country to R&B to gospel. She was a majorette at King William High School and at Virginia State, but has to be prodded to share about it.

“I’m really shy, and I don’t sing much in public,” she said. “But I’m big on facing my fears so maybe one day.”

In her sociology classes in college, Johnson studied how employment affects a person’s outlook. As a Recruiter, she’s heartened by the role she can play to improve another life and in turn, her community.

“It’s very deep for me,” she said. “I had never really heard of a staffing firm before. As it all unfolded, it really showed me how much of a fit this actually is. My heart is so big for The Lee Group now that I understand what we do. We impact communities by providing jobs. We see how people who start careers are then able to take care of their families.”

At the end of almost every day, Johnson smiles because she’s able to say, “I actually helped a family today.”

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