Superhero With Recycling Symbol on Outfit

Accommodating. Reliable. Customer-focused.

Those are words Jessica Frederick offers to describe TFC Recycling’s relationship with The Lee Group.

“I honestly considered them more of a partner than a vendor,” says Frederick, who worked in human resources at TFC for nearly a decade, serving as manager for the last two years.

Frederick relied on The Lee Group for hiring needs that ranged from temporary unskilled labor to executive recruitment.

“They take the time to learn your business,” she says. “They give you personalized service by what your company does and what that industry is. Every company has its own culture. They took the time to learn ours.”

When Frederick started at TFC in 2010, she considered multiple staffing agencies. Quickly, she settled on just one.

“The Lee Group became my go-to people — the only company I wanted to use,” she says. “They take care of what you need no matter what it is. Whatever you want, they’ll do it.”

An added bonus: The Lee Group anticipates needs and delivers. Frederick didn’t have to request reports on staffing numbers by week; the Lee Group provided them automatically.

The Lee Group handled background checks and drug screens, saving her human resources department from nasty surprises upon conversion. “I knew I didn’t have to worry because The Lee Group had already done their part,” she said. “They had my back. They had me covered.”

“I loved The Lee Group so much that I refused to look at any other staffing companies. They had my company’s best interest at heart. And I could say that 100% of the time.”

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