Kate Schilling

Kate Schilling’s computer screen on her desk at The Lee Group reveals seven open tabs and another seven churn in her mind. She answers the ringing phone, completes a candidate’s background check and assists another with the onboarding process.

“I’m really a people person and love to multitask,” she said

The Administrative Assistant is not only fit for the job she’s held for the last three years at one of the nation’s premier staffing firms, she’s super fit.

It’s not that the mother of three does hours of cardio every week. In fact, she keeps that at a minimum, walking a half hour or so on a treadmill regularly. Schilling would rather focus on muscle as a budding body builder who uses her lunch hour to dash to the gym down the street and lift. One day she hopes to compete, an itch she’s had for years interrupted by childbirth.

“It’s something of an addiction,” Schilling said. “Your fitness journey evolves because life is forever changing. Lifting makes you feel so good because it releases these endorphins in your brain and your spirit level rises.”

The Lee Group felt comfortable to the Louisiana native, who spent 12 years as a stay-at-home mom before returning to work. “It was much more like a family than coming into a corporate environment,” she said. “That made the transition so much easier.”

Schilling delights in sharing fitness talk with her coworkers, who often marvel at her lunches that often include pizza and cheeseburgers.

“I aim to get 100 grams of protein a day,” she said. “I almost never eat salad!”

A gallon of water that’s empties little by little as the workday progresses is a conversation piece.

Prior to joining The Lee Group, Schilling was an esthetician, but enjoys the office dynamic more. Her goals include upping the four reps she can do squatting 225 pounds to eight reps and continuing to grow in her new career.

“I really enjoy the administrative role in helping all of my colleagues through their workday,” she said. “I see more of an executive administrative role in my future here.”

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