Employee benefits are important to both employees and employers. But did you know employers that offer education as part of the benefit package have loyal employees and stronger growing companies? Because as CitizensVoice states, “Well-trained and well-educated workers help companies achieve long-term viability and profitability.” The article goes on to share that benefit programs that include education create more loyal and satisfied employees who are more productive.

What are some ways to create employee education programs?

Benefit programs can be very specialized or broad opportunity. As reported by Forbes, some employers offer tuition reimbursement with proof of grades and completion of the program. That program can be college, extended education credits, certification, or safety classes. But there are also excellent programs that include free education an employee takes on their own time. With proof of completion, these programs can earn raises, vacation days, and/or promotions because the skills are used on the job for the benefit of the company and the employee. Additionally, some employers find it helpful to provide uninterrupted learning time and so though the education may not be paid, the employee can take classes on paid shifts whether it’s an hour now and then or an entire degree.

How to build paid education days into employee benefits.

There are quite a few ways to incorporate paid education days into your company benefit program. Mashable suggests a step-by-step approach with a decision-making team if your goal is social media education and fluency. Big companies to small companies, creating a team to watch the process is very successful. But ultimately building in a set amount of paid education days into your employees work schedule will provide project management, pre-planning for coverage, and skills that come back to the job. Determine the budget with your team. Determine qualifying education opportunities. Finally create a submission/conclusion process for each employee to follow whether it’s paid time off, paid time in class, or tuition reimbursement so there are expectations and celebrations for everyone. Knowing both the opportunity available and the guidelines to meet, your bottom line will expand as your employees’ abilities do.

Do you or your employees need more knowledge, skill, or professional growth? Explore opportunities for adding value to both life and career and help planning how to implement ideas like this in your company. Contact the consultants at the Lee Group to build an excellent employee education program.

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