Sweatshops are actually counterproductive in reaching higher numbers and profitability. Why? Because as the human brain fatigues, all the body and mental functions slow down too. Americans create their own personal sweatshop by pushing for deadlines without breaks, working excessive hours, and burning out sitting in the same place for hours. A study from Frontier Journal showed that people who exercise regularly have a higher ability to be creative, more energy, and are more productive. But guess what? Regular exercise makes a person more confident as well because a lack of exercise causes “ego-depletion”.

How does that translate?

The Huffington Post shared the Frontier Journal information in an article explaining how exercise stimulates not only problem solving but also multiple solutions to solving problems. Now that will help you get ahead in the business arena!

But exercise takes you away from the project at hand…

Getting away from draining projects can actually be productive. Blood flow, oxygen, and thinking about other things allow your brain to process. Sometimes the frustration and sense that you’re stuck is simply a warning sign that your body needs movement, oxygen, and nourishment. Unfortunately, we’re often so worried that we sabotage ourselves by avoiding the very thing that will help us succeed. According to Leiden University’s research psychologist, Lorenza Colzato, exercisers out-perform and think more deeply than people who stay sedentary.

So the best advice for those who want to succeed in their careers? Get physical.

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