Starting with stretches, exercises you can perform at your desk will free up your creativity, energy, and productivity. features some excellent ideas to reduce headaches, back pain, and listlessness. We can all agree the human body wasn’t designed to sit for ten to twelve hours a day. When we do, blood pools in our lower extremities and oxygenation slows down. What’s that mean to you? Fatigue and difficulty thinking, not to mention aches and pains that can become permanent.

Are there really exercises you can do at your desk?

Forbes online magazine has a list of ten you can do without making a huge scene in the middle of the office. Follow the simple pictorials. You’ll be done exercising before anyone else lifts their eyes from their monitors. From chair dips to carpal tunnel stretches, your body will thank you and so will your boss as he or she notices your higher energy levels.

Get the group moving.

Some of the greatest opportunities for exercise happen because of support, recognition, and team involvement. Show yourself as a leader by posting these Deskercise ideas—thirty-three ways to be healthy, productive, and energetic for the entire office. Consider offering a demonstration at your next meeting. Ultimately, you’ll be recognized as healthier and happier. And that’s going to help you stand out for promotions. Then there’s the benefit of really being healthier and happier at work…

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