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There is good news for job seekers. The unemployment rate in the United State has been the lowest the nation has seen in a decade, hovering around 4.3 percent since April, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

While the data shows there are jobs to be filled, don’t let the rosy monthly report lull you into making these five job-search mistakes that can hinder your search effort from the start:

  1. Not having a plan. Would you carry out a project at work without a plan? A plan takes a proactive approach to your job search and helps you maintain focus and control throughout the process. Taking time to assess your goals and build a plan to reach them is critical to any successful job search. For example, knowing you want to limit your search to a specific region would require a very different plan than someone who is open to global relocation.
  1. Thinking your job search is an “additional duty.” Finding a job is a full-time job, not something you can work on “when you feel like it” or “when you have time.” If you treat your search like it’s your current job, you will devote the time and energy required to implement and execute the plan you’ve created and land that new job quickly.
  1. Using the same version of your resume for every application. Every job is unique, even those with the same job title! They are unique because no company is the same. Figure out what you need to emphasize in your summary, supporting points and achievements. Tailor your resume and cover letter to fit each position like a fitted suit.
  1. Losing sight of the competition. For every job you apply for, you can assume there will be dozens if not hundreds of other applicants. When you lose sight of the competition and forget there are many others out there vying for the same role, you may not put your best foot forward. Always bring your best game and treat every application and interview like it’s the 7th game of a tied World Series.
  1. Applying for every job, even if your qualifications are minimal. It’s easy to fall into this trap and be duped by the law of averages. But making this mistake only wastes your time and energy. Rather than try to convince a stranger you can do a job that you aren’t perfectly qualified to do, it’s better to stick to your plan and maintain your focus.

The Lee Group helps you avoid these mistakes by getting to know you and your goals and skills, and connecting you to potential jobs that match your qualifications.

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