Lee Group Newport News office’s Andi Sellers.

When she’s not busy keeping up with her toddler, the chaos of owning five dogs and her job as Payroll Manager at The Lee Group, Andi Sellers is probably in the garden.

Her house in Seaford came with a pear tree, and Sellers and her husband, Danny, added seven rows of raised beds. Like her mother, Sellers enjoys canning the fresh fruits and vegetables, and despite the labor it involves, loves to make homemade pear preserves.

“It takes as long as eight hours, and it’s a lot of work in the kitchen,” Sellers said. “When you have 50 pounds of pears, it boils down to something like 24 jars.”

She put the goodies away for the winter and regularly gives them as holiday gifts. Sellers never rushes. She’s mindful of the details required to can safety. It’s imperative to follow all the food safety protocols about using the correct canner with the correct jars and lids and keeping everything scrupulously clean.

“I don’t want to die so I am super careful,” she said.

That same meticulousness fuels her at The Lee Group, where she processes up to 700 paychecks a week. While the Christopher Newport University graduate admittedly hated math in high school, she is drawn to the precision of her role at the staffing company.

“It’s always rewarding when you’re paying people,” she said. “We have the same goals every week. How we get there might be a little different, but in the end, we try to make everybody happy.”

Sellers has been part of The Lee Group for a decade after starting as a temporary hire. One of the company’s core values, “We get it right,” speaks to her mindset.

“I know in my department, getting it right is our number one priority,” she said. “When you’re in payroll, it’s a tedious process with a lot of moving parts. I go through painstaking detail to make sure we are doing it right. We do not cut corners. We go the extra mile.”

Sellers makes sure employees get the amount that’s owed to them and takes care to ensure clients aren’t overcharged. That’s built trust over the years and is among the reasons the staffing agency is so respected all over the state.

As full as Sellers’ life is, it’s about to get busier. She’s expecting another baby in February who will one day be a playmate to her daughter, Quinn. She is not planning to add to the fur family — three Labrador Retrievers, two Boston Terriers and one mutt are enough, thank you.

“It’s too many dogs; I don’t recommend it,” she says in a joking tone. “But I love them all.”

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