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The job interview is an incredibly important part of the job placement or permanent hiring process. It’s the chance for the employer to really see if a given candidate will be a good fit, and it’s the time for the candidate to shine and put their best foot forward.

Proper etiquette and preparation on the part of the candidate will always play a key role in landing the job. But these days, there’s much more to the equation.

And what about the employer, who may be working through a staffing company? What is their role in making sure there’s a successful hiring?

The Lee Group has developed a very thorough methodology, a 12 step People Assessment Program, which drives great outcomes for both parties.

  1. Company Assessment: It starts with the Lee Group analyzing and documenting the positions a company is hiring for, updating that list on a continual basis.
  1. Ongoing Recruitment: A solid recruiting campaign helps companies build a steady stream of candidates.
  1. Trained Staff: Lee Group professionals are certified by the American Staffing Association (ASA) and stay up to date on the latest recruiting trends and techniques.
  1. Phone Screening: This is where the candidate vetting really begins, with a telephone conversation to validate job history, credentials, skills and the like.

For the candidate, preparation is key – they should conduct research on the hiring company and pull together some reminder notes about their personal strengths, weaknesses and questions they may want to ask the interviewer.

  1. Personal Interview: Candidates who pass the phone screening are invited for a detailed in-person interview, where Lee Group professionals carefully evaluate them for Ability, Integrity and Enthusiasm. In addition, complete details on the job are reviewed with the candidate, ensuring they have a full understanding of its requirements.

Again, preparation is the name of the game for the candidate in a personal interview. Dressing for the part, planning to arrive early, and having extra copies of resumes and references on hand are just a few tips for candidates to keep in mind.

  1. Skills Testing and Evaluation: The Lee Group compiles a custom evaluation regimen, complete with industry-leading testing tools, to help determine the most qualified and experienced candidates for given positions. Candidates should be prepared to demonstrate their proficiency in the tasks associated with job.
  1. The Lee Group Specific Orientation: Promising candidates will participate in a Lee Group-hosted orientation session to review key internal policies, procedures and other general expectations.
  1. Reference Verification: The Lee Group takes references seriously, gathering work references from a candidate’s last two jobs. Candidates should also be prepared to provide personal references.
  1. Work History: Companies working with the Lee Group can rest assured knowing that many details of candidate’s work history will be reviewed, including salary history, reasons for leaving their previous position, job title, responsibilities, duties, evaluations and specific accomplishments.
  1. Background and Criminal Sourcing: The Lee Group’s assessment includes a review of a candidate’s background, criminal history and driving record (if required).
  1. Drug Test: Candidates should be prepared to take a drug test (with a 5-minute turnaround time) during their Lee Group personal interview.
  1. Client Customized Orientation: At the conclusion of the People Assessment Program when a perfect match between candidate and employer has been identified, Lee Group professionals will arrange for a custom orientation to provide the new associate with key company policy and procedure details and a job site walkthrough, if needed.

Ultimately, the Lee Group People Assessment Program is all about excellence – a thorough process designed to ensure the most qualified match between companies and candidates.


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