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Job searches can be stressful and challenging for even the most qualified candidates. Whether you’re looking for just a temporary gig or making a full-blown career change, it makes great business sense to get help from a staffing agency.

Can you imagine being matched with a perfect company you might not have known was looking for someone like you?

Here are four reasons why working with a good staffing agency can do wonders for your job search.

Agencies do it all day, every day. Staffing agencies have the level of expertise that you can only get from hard work, focus and repetition. In the world of job placement, this means being able to ask just the right questions from the candidate while knowing the full background of the company and the nuanced requirements of the open position.

For a staffing agency, their business depends on making the perfect match between candidate and hiring company the first time, every time. They are just as committed to getting it right as you are.

Personal touch. Make no mistake, technology is great. And having a strong LinkedIn profile is an important part of your job search. But the numerous gadgets and apps that make our lives so much easier are no match for good old-fashioned personal relationships.

The really good staffing agencies realize that you simply cannot automate or shortcut the process of getting to know the candidate, the hiring manager and the company. This goes beyond swapping emails or electronic messaging. It’s all about telephone conversations and face-to-face meetings – seemingly “old school” principles and values that work.

You get access to things on the down low. Companies are often looking to fill positions beyond the list of job openings they post online for public consumption. Certain positions are kept confidential for various reasons.

In many cases, staffing agencies know about otherwise hidden job openings as they are helping the company to fill them. By working with a staffing agency, you could be considered for a great job you didn’t even know existed.

You get the real scoop. It’s tough when a job interview that you thought went well ends up not going anywhere. It’s also tough when the only feedback you receive from the company is something along the lines of “we decided to go in a different direction.”

Staffing agencies, using their relationships with hiring managers and historical knowledge of a given company, are typically able to find out what really went on in the hiring and selection process. It’s the kind of information you might be able to put to use tweaking your resume or your approach to the next interview.

Those are just a few reasons why working with a professional recruitment and staffing agency like The Lee Group makes great sense for most anyone looking for a job –whether temporary or full-time.

The Lee Group is not a resume warehouse. It has built a reputation as a trusted advisor with over 40 years of experience – a firm who takes a highly personal approach and truly invests the time to get to know each candidate and their goals.

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