Kaylee Sambuchi in the Lee Group Newport News office Tuesday May 31, 2022.

Kaylee Sambuchi hadn’t left City Center in Newport News after her first interview with The Lee Group when she got a call back.

Could she return at 1 p.m. to talk with Sarah Fulton, Vice President of Operations of the staffing and executive recruitment firm headquartered in Newport News?

She responded, “Of course!”

Concluding that afternoon conversation, Fulton asked if anything would prevent Sambuchi from starting within a few weeks. Sambuchi mentioned her father’s funeral the following week. He had passed away the night before after a long illness.

Fulton was stunned that Sambuchi made the time to keep her appointment with The Lee Group the day after her father’s death. Sambuchi was hired on the spot as an Administrative Assistant and encouraged to take her time filling out the paperwork.

“Let me know when you can start,” Fulton stressed.

Kaylee Sambuchi in the Lee Group Newport News office Tuesday May 31, 2022.Sambuchi officially joined The Lee Group on Oct. 9, 2021. The York County native handles phone calls and onboarding while learning business development.

“I love the company,” she said. “I do love staffing because it means you’re helping so many different people and hearing their stories from their life experiences.”

Working in a laid back environment makes the day enjoyable, too. On “sandwich party” Friday, the staff shares the same kind of sandwich together; last Friday it was chicken barbecue.

“We have a good time,” Sambuchi said.

Outside of the job, Sambuchi is a homebody devoted to her border collie, Leia, named for the Star Wars princess. She and her fiancé, Brian, are planning a fall 2023 wedding.

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