Reflecting on 2022, Walt Graham sums it up in one word — weird.

“It’s been a weird year,” says the President of The Lee Group, a trend setter in the staffing industry that aligns talent to grow businesses and change lives.

Consider that 2020 and 2021 were chaotic due to the unprecedented pandemic that altered the way most of us lived life and did business.

We’re back to more stabilizing times in 2022, a year when inflation soared during a tight employment market that saw increased wages for many. While a recession is forecast for 2023, Graham isn’t about “crystal balling,” as he calls it.

“Whatever happens, companies will still need to do what they need to do,” Graham said. “We are still a good source for getting you through the tough times. When you have employment needs in your company, we’re there so you can do what you need to do to keep your business open and running to serve your customers.”

In 2022, it has been a candidate’s market. Finding and retaining talent — part of the mission of The Lee Group — was challenging in new ways, with fewer candidates on the market, producing a labor shortage. Among the results that have since emerged, Graham said, is employers are eager to retain elite employees who start as temporary employees.

“When we find the right person for them who is a fit, they’re ready to hire that person more quickly than in the past,” he said.

Whether good times, bad times or something in between, The Lee Group remains at the forefront of the industry, matching companies and candidates to benefit both. Under Graham’s leadership and that of Principal Eric Kean, The Lee Group has thrived and grown since the pair assumed ownership in January 2007.

While Graham looks forward to what 2023 will bring, he isn’t ready to leave 2022 behind too quickly. The holiday season is a good time for us hit the pause button, and he includes himself in that group.

“Tune out all the noise and focus on the good things you have,” Graham said.

For Graham that means enjoying his three grandsons as well as his newest family member, a Cavapoo puppy named Buddy.

“Make it a positive time,” Graham said, “and reset for the new year.”

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