Lee Group Chesapeake office building mugs Friday May 27, 2022. Leah Johnson

You wouldn’t think being an optometry technician would be ideal training for an internal recruiting position at The Lee Group.

And yet . . .

Leah Johnson worked for five years at a Ghent optometry office, where she got comfortable prescreening patients. She asked patients multiple questions and logged their responses.

“I developed great people skills, I’m a good listener, and I take notes really well,” said Johnson, who joined the staffing and executive search firm in 2022. She works in The Lee Group’s Chesapeake office.

Lee Group Portraits Leah Johnson Friday May 27, 2022.Johnson entered Old Dominion University unsure of a career path but graduated a communications major. Her early jobs were random, and seeking a change, Johnson applied to The Lee Group, where she interviewed with Vice President of Operations Sarah Fulton.

Johnson’s official title is Recruiter, and she is a candidate’s first point of contact.

“Being a people person, I really enjoy having a conversation with people and matchmaking them to their perfect job,” Johnson said.

In her free time, Johnson is an extrovert yet a homebody, reads fiction avidly and loves the movies. “I used to want to be on the Disney Channel,” she said. “I’m always laughing, and I have a vibrant sense of humor.”

Johnson is a worship leader at her church who also enjoys singing. She used to be a vocalist in a band, Monday Night Party.

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