Terry Kemick The Lee Group Chesapeake Office Virginia Staffing Agency

Terry Kemick The Lee Group Chesapeake Office Virginia Staffing AgencyTerry Kemick joined The Lee Group in 2019 and serves as the staffing firm’s Business Development Manager in its Chesapeake office.

But who is he? What makes him tick?

We asked, and he answered.

How did he get into the staffing and sales field?

The Virginia Beach native and Ocean Lakes High School graduate fell in love with sales while working for a distribution company. It was during this time, that he realized how powerful relationships can be in the business world.

“I believe that building lasting professional relationships can make working something to look forward to rather than something you try to avoid,” said Kemick.

What does he do at The Lee Group?

At The Lee Group, Kemick works closely with clients in an effort to understand their needs and how The Lee Group can help them. He also researches new leads and is constantly reaching out to new clients in an effort to build a strong network.

Does he have a favorite experience?

One of his favorite experiences at The Lee Group was the following:

“I walked into a client’s office for our first face-to-face meeting and noticed there were boxes, folders, papers, and coffee cups everywhere. This company is new to the area, and she had been tasked to find certain people along with her normal job duties all by herself, no other office help, and was clearly overwhelmed. After listening to her describe her current work load and issues with turnover/finding the right candidates, I explained how The Lee Group would take on more than 50% of her efforts as well as work to fill the positions she was having a tough time filling. Leaving that meeting I truly felt like I not only helped out a growing company, but also helped an individual’s stress level and work load.”

Why choose The Lee Group?

For Kemick, The Lee Group Difference means going the extra mile.

“I really like finding out the needs of the clients and then making sure the right candidates are placed in the role so that both the company and the employee succeed. Hiring the best for the best.”

What does he do for fun?

When not at the office, Kemick enjoys doing anything outside such as fishing, snowboarding, trail riding (ATV), surfing, golf, target shooting and going to baseball/football games. He also enjoys cool evenings by sitting out back around the fire with his family.

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