Purpose drives Raychelle Rogacion.

The Filipino native completed nursing school with that in mind, though the pandemic put her career on pause. A job at a warehouse connected her to The Lee Group when the staffing firm was called in to help find new positions after the business shut down.

Raychelle joined The Lee Group’s Chesapeake office as an Administrative Assistant in April 2022. “People are so grateful when they get a job,” she says. “It’s fulfilling work. My goal is to help people, and I’m actually doing that.”

Raychelle immigrated to Virginia Beach after her grandparents petitioned for her family to come to the United States when she was in middle school. She navigated the language barrier having learned English in school in the Philippines and adjusted well to what she calls a “faster paced” lifestyle.

In her free time, Raychelle explores videography, photography, car meets and enjoys walking with her miniature American Eskimo dog, Yam. As much as she likes living in America, she misses sinigang, the traditional Filipino soup that is both sour and savory and best in her home country.

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