Talk to Kuron Conner for a few minutes and you’ll feel as if you’ve known him for years.

The Recruiter for The Lee Group’s Chesapeake office has an easygoing nature and a natural listening ability. Typically, he’s the first person a candidate talks with when contacting the staffing firm about a job opportunity.

“I work to glean things from their personality and their experience to learn whether they’re a good fit for the job they want or something else we have,” Kuron says. “I like getting to know people and finding out why they do what they do.”

People skills come easily for the first-generation college graduate who was Mr. Green Run at his Virginia Beach high school along with senior class president. Kuron completed his degree in psychology at James Madison University, where his focus was on academic achievement. His initial plan called for continuing his education to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, but the pandemic altered his focus to getting a job before graduate school.

A layoff from a call center job led him to The Lee Group and while chatting with a staffing manager, he was told what a good fit he would be for an in-house position. Kuron started at The Lee Group in September 2022.

“It’s really fulfilling to start from scratch with somebody, learn about their work history, realize where they would be a good fit, make the placement and they get the job,” he says. “That’s the most rewarding part of the job.”

In his spare time, Kuron likes walking among nature and enjoys anything related to anime. The family German Shepherd, Spunky, favors him and is always waiting by the door to greet him at the end of a workday.

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