Have you ever taken a temporary job in hopes that you would be brought on with the company as their full time employee? Have you ever wondered what you need to do to make sure you secure that position?

There are many things that come into play when trying to take a temporary position to a full time position with our client. What is most important to remember is it is a: “try before you buy” situation. Try to think of it as a working interview. Our clients are “trying YOU out” to see if you are the right person for the job before they hire you. The first thing you want to do is to be sure it is a position you would want long-term. As Tom Wharton says, “If something is too far out in left field you won’t do it well and you won’t last long in that assignment.” Any temporary position you take should be in line with your career goals. If it is something you aren’t interested in, there is a good chance you won’t be successful in the position. You want to know what your career goals are and you should try to stay on track with those goals.

Once you have secured a temporary position that is on the right career path and has the ability to transition from temporary to full-time, you have to really sell yourself to the client. Here are a few things you can do to help make full-time hire happen:

  1. Be on time and ready to work every day.
    1. Remember you are in a “working interview” at the start of a temporary assignment, so you need to be on time every day and be ready to work. This means being at your desk or work station and ready to start working at your start time.
  2. Make sure you dress appropriately and are well groomed.
    1. Before you start your temporary position you want to be sure you know what the expectations are for how to dress. You do not want to over dress and you also don’t want to under dress. It is important to fit into the work atmosphere and look like you belong. If you are a female, be sure your hair is fixed and nails properly groomed. For the males be sure your facial hair is nicely trimmed and your hair is combed. Personal hygiene for both males and females is noticed right away. You could have the perfect work performance and attendance but if your hygiene is offensive in any way, you could run into trouble.
  3. Take notes during training.
    1. Once you are done with training you will more than likely start working on your own. It is very important to have notes to reference if you have any questions about your work. You should not continuously ask questions about things that have already been explained to you. Just remember to try and answer your own question before asking someone else for help. Don’t make assumptions if you don’t know, but attempt to problem solve on your own. If you aren’t confident of what to do, try to come up with a few possible solutions and then approach your trainer/manager.
  4. Complete every project in a timely and sufficient manner.
    1. Every project or assignment that you are given while you are a temporary employee will more than likely be evaluated as to whether or not you would be a good client employee. For this reason every task you are given needs to be done in a timely manner and correctly. If you want to progress with the company you need to prove that you can handle any project given to you.

By taking these tips and combining them with your current skill set and a great work ethic, your chances for full-time hire should be great. One thing to remember when working any job is every day at work is a career opportunity. If one temporary position doesn’t work out don’t worry about it! You have built on your skill set and are ready to take on the next temporary position.

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