Lee Group executive search and staffing professional Wes Ashworth

For so many executive recruiters, it’s all about getting a job order, sourcing a few candidates and throwing resumes together. At those kinds of headhunting firms, that can be the extent of their involvement in the hiring process.

But for Wes Ashworth, Senior Executive Search Consultant at The Lee Group, there’s much, much more that goes into a successful recruiting process – one that has netted him a record-setting 54 job placements to date this year with combined salaries of nearly $4 million.

How does he do it?

It all starts with developing real relationships with clients and candidates to make a perfect match. It’s about providing consultation and counseling and truly understanding both parties’ needs that ensures a long-term fit.

“I take the time to have the conversations and learn the ins and outs of what the position really entails, and what the company is really looking for,” said Ashworth. “And I help them make the hiring process as smooth as possible.”

According to Ashworth, taking the time to build those relationships with a hiring company establishes a level of trust that leads to other work.

“Those relationships have become valuable to the point where many companies I help turn to me with any hiring need they have, from executives to trade positions,” Ashworth explained.

Ashworth said that many executive search firms aren’t willing or are unable to fill the technical or trade positions, which is another key differentiator for The Lee Group.

“Filling the executive-level positions are important, but sometimes a company’s biggest shortage of workers is at the technical or trades level, and that can be very important to them,” said Ashworth. “Companies can live or die having the right technical talent on board. Deficiencies there can lead to product quality and worker morale issues that directly affect a company’s bottom line.”

Ashworth and The Lee Group also enjoy helping firms of all sizes, from the largest manufacturers to the smaller businesses that are the backbone of the economy –and treating them all equally.

“I work with large companies and “mom and pop” manufacturing facilities – the ones with maybe 50 people tops in their company,” Ashworth said.  “Regardless of their size, I look to collaborate directly with the owner or president and get to know them really well.”

At the end of the day, there are no shortcuts to success, according to Ashworth. It’s about putting in the hours, getting to know both parties, and doing what you have to do to find the right fit.

“I have an extra level of tenacity when it comes to executive search, and I’m willing to go the extra mile and get really creative to meet a client’s needs,” said Ashworth. “I’m banking on myself and believing in the fact that The Lee Group can get the job done.”

But being creative doesn’t mean cutting corners. No matter how much time Ashworth has invested, if he doesn’t sense that the fit is just right, he sounds the alarm.

“On several occasions, I could have made a placement, but something a candidate said or did instinctively gave me pause. When that happens, I share my concerns with the hiring company, and we decide whether or not to move forward,” explained Ashworth.

Ultimately, it’s about never giving up. For a lifelong athlete like Ashworth, being highly competitive translates to positive results for the client.

“I can’t give up,” said Ashworth. “If I put my name on something and I told a company that I will fill a role for them, I couldn’t sleep at night if I didn’t make the right thing happen.”

Contact The Lee Group today to let Ashworth and the rest of the team go to work to meet your executive search needs.

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