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If you’re on the fence about engaging a staffing and search firm to help fill open positions in your company, here’s a good reason to move to the side that says, “call that agency now!”

The network recruiters and staffing consultants have is extensive and can bring in skilled, prospective employees to apply for open positions. There’s also a good chance they know and have previously worked with some of the passive applicants, which can save companies time and money.

That is the story of Andre Enoch, a contract mechanical designer, and Dena Alexander, branch manager at The Lee Group.

Relationships Matter

The Lee Group and Dena were working with a client seeking a senior piping designer to fill an 18-month contract position. When Dena saw the list of applicants that had come in for the position, one name jumped out: Andre Enoch.

Dena had worked with Andre to place him in a contract position with another company client in 2014, and the two had connected on LinkedIn and kept in touch over the years.

Dena knew Andre. She knew his capabilities as a mechanical designer and his skills in computer aided design, and he would be a good fit for the open position and the hiring company’s corporate culture. Because of her connection with Andre, Dena was able to quickly recommend to the client a solid prospect for the position from the sea of applicants and quickly arrange an interview. Andre got the job.

“Dena is a great recruiter,” said Andre. “She goes the extra mile to keep in touch and understands the value of a network and how it benefits both employer and employee.”

Be sure to follow The Lee Group’s five tips for building and maintaining a professional network here.

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