You’re hiring but either nobody’s biting or that collection of resumes in your inbox doesn’t reflect the type of candidate you’re hoping to attract. What can you do?

First, take a hard look at your process. Are you still using an employee application that requires candidates to list every single professional detail back to when they graduated high school? These time consuming, clunky applications are not just outdated. They often prevent candidates from applying. Requiring a resume and a link to a professional profile on LinkedIn should suffice.

Is your job description specific and concise? Lack of detail can lead to too many generalists applying. If you want specific skills, list them. Too many words can deter candidates, however.

Do you sell your company in the job description? In these post-pandemic times, top candidates are drawn to companies who care about them as people first, who focus on overall wellness, who embrace remote or hybrid working when applicable.

Does your company have a distinguishable brand and a robust online presence? Is your social media engaging and up to date? Content that shows off your company and highlights your employees is critical. Posting wordy PDFs to Facebook once a month is little more than lip service. Make your social media show who you are at your best.

Are your wages and benefits competitive? Because candidates have too many choice today to be lowballed. You can’t afford to skimp on compensation. That’s not just important for hiring. You want your top performers to stay and remain invested in their jobs. You should be regularly checking in with them to take their temperature.

The elite candidates might not even know about your company. That’s why working with a staffing and executive search firm makes sense. When you partner with a firm with an excellent reputation such as The Lee Group in Virginia, your business benefits from  recruiters who can find the precise fit for your company based on your needs and a candidate’s desires. The passive candidate might be perfect for your opening; a recruiting firm can reach that person. The Lee Group has a pipeline of talent mined from its decades in the industry. Recruiting firms take a proactive approach to hiring, as that is their business.

Recruiting firms can also examine your hiring process impartially. As we’re in the midst of a labor/talent shortage, candidates are drawn to companies with efficient processes. You might think your process works, but an evaluation from a professional can reveal overlooked speed bumps. Partnering with a firm can improve your efficiency and ultimately, your results in making sure the right people are in the right seats so your business flourishes.

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