As a 16-year-old, Jason Ramsey couldn’t resist dismantling his 1988 Hyundai Excel Hatchback only to put it back together again.

“From headlight to taillight, I liked the challenge,” he said.

Today Ramsey still loves cars but he’s equally passionate about people and helping them further their professional goals, among the reasons he joined The Lee Group’s Richmond office as a Staffing Manager in October 2021.

“I like to put the right person in the right seat,” he said. “I try to match them for both their background and skillset and for what appeals to them personally. I want them to stay and build a career. My goal is to get them retained.”

For years Ramsey worked with the audio systems in vehicles, a job that fed into his love for music. But he saw that industry changing with the emergence of new technology in cars, leading him to pivot in an entirely different direction. Ramsey revived a recreational youth football program in Mechanicsville that was nearly defunct.

As its president, he worked with local businesses to secure the much-needed funding to not only keep the program afloat but to build on it for the future. Today it’s the top league in Hanover County.

“I really like giving back to the community,” he said. “That was a real success story.”

One of the assistant coaches in the league suggested he look into professional recruiting. Ramsey immediately began taking classes at Bryant & Stratton College to earn his Human Resources Specialist Associate degree. He’ll finish in three weeks with a 4.0 GPA.

Best of all, he discovered The Lee Group, among the premier staffing and search companies in the eastern region. Ramsey joined the firm in 2021.

“We have a lot of laughs while we’re working,” he said. “Every morning it’s like waking up and going to hang out with your family.”

It’s not unusual for candidates Ramsey has placed to drop in with updates on their new position, something he welcomes.

“I enjoy building relationships with people,” he said. “It’s rewarding when you look back and see the difference you’ve made.”

Ramsey and his wife, Victoria, have been married 20 years and have three sons: Damien, Dylan and Draegen. They’re animal lovers, too, with three cats and three dogs, including two littermates who are Anatolian Shepherd mixes, Ranger and Dakota. Ramsey transitioned to coaching recreational football and basketball for the program he salvaged. He is also an avid bowler who once recorded a 267 score, though averages 170.

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