Lee Group executive search and staffing Sheldin Charite

Lee Group Portraits Sheldin Charite Friday May 27, 2022.It’s easy to talk to Sheldin Charite about pretty much anything.

The Staffing Manager at The Lee Group’s Virginia Beach office listens with a purpose.

“I want to hear everything,” Charite said. “It’s so rewarding when people share their stories. People talk about all that they’ve gone through and their struggles and for me to be able to help them get back on their feet and start a new job — that’s very rewarding.”

Her own story starts with the unorthodox spelling of her first name. Her parents had two names in mind, Sheldin and Karen. They named her Sheldin Karen. “They’re originally from Haiti, where having that ‘i’ is the normal spelling,” she said.

The Floridean moved to Hampton Roads in March 2021 when her husband, Soddy, received orders from the Navy to relocate. One career has never been enough for Charite to aspire to. From nail technician to neurosurgeon, she has multiple interests. She plans on more education but was eager to gain work experience right after high school. Her affinity for people led her to explore customer service.

“I started out as a customer service representative selling braces,” Charite said. “I learned to talk to a lot of different personalities, and that was really good experience for the job I’m in now.”

When she applied to The Lee Group, Charite didn’t know what a staffing agency was. After learning about the company from Branch Manager Gianna Bowers she was happy to be part of the elite staffing and search firm headquartered in Newport News that operates on a national level.

Charite knew almost instantly, “This is for me.”

She worked as both a Recruiter and Administrative Assistant before being promoted to Staffing Manager. She finds the best career match for candidates, who often go permanent after she places them in their positions.

“I love it when they call back and tell me that; they’re so happy,” she said. “I love being a part of their success.”

Charite also enjoys the friendly vibe among her coworkers. “Everybody is so relatable,” she said. “We have a wide age range, and our personalities just mesh. It’s just funny, lighthearted and really comfortable here.”

Beyond work, Charite is always seeking another restaurant to try and anticipating the next Marvel movie. She’s an avid reader who finds ideas for young adult books off Pinterest. Charite is also devoted to her puppy, a chihuahua mix named Bruno.

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