It’s no secret that we’re living in a candidate’s market, so if you’re an employer looking to attract the best talent, here are 5 recruitment strategies to keep you on top of your game.


Elite candidates have too many choices today to weather lengthy delays between applying for a position and awaiting an initial response.

“Good candidates are off the market quickly,” said Sarah Fulton, Vice President of Operations at The Lee Group, a premier staffing and executive recruitment firm headquartered in Newport News, Virginia. “Hiring managers are reaching out to applicants within days not weeks. If you can pull it off, call the first day you see the application come in.”

Because if you let a couple of days pass, today’s marketable candidate will likely have applied to multiple other positions and possibly gotten a bite. Going after who you want right away is no longer considered desperate. It’s good business.


Don’t hide your benefits and salary whether you’re using social media to promote your company, advertising openings or talking to a prospective candidate about them.

“Lead with your value proposition,” Fulton said. “Lead with benefits. Candidates are interested in, ‘What’s in it for me?’”

That means the salary shouldn’t be in the small print at the bottom of a posting. Nor should details about your new wellness perks. Shout them from the rooftops. Highlight specifically how you value your employees and nurture their growth.


“Video is the new currency,” Fulton said.

You might be already using it but take stock. Is it boring? Outdated? Stale? Your video content should be dynamic, engaging and most importantly, authentic.

“That means it doesn’t have to be super polished,” Fulton stressed.

PR speak doesn’t resonate. Actual employees and company leadership talking candidly does.

Don’t overlook all of video’s capabilities, either. If possible, in lieu of leaving a voicemail, opt for a video message instead.


Don’t overlook reaching back out to candidates who have previously applied to your company. Chances are you have quality candidates already in your pipeline.

“If you’re recruiting for similar jobs, go back and look at similar applications,” Fulton said.

Make cold calls. Chances are candidates who showed previous interest but were not hired — remember, openings used to be scarce — are deserving of another look.


Partner with a recruiting firm for all your hiring needs. Filling even one job with the right hire requires a tremendous amount of effort. An established recruiting firm like The Lee Group is in the business of hiring. The staff moves quickly to fill vacant positions and can convert an applicant to employee seamlessly because of its vetted pipeline of quality candidates. Retaining a recruiting firm for continuous recruitment can give your company the upper hand in today’s evolving economic climate where candidates have the edge.

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