No two days are alike for Tahnee Thornton, Safety Manager for The Lee Group.

That’s probably the top reason she enjoys her job so much.

“It’s challenging, but it’s also extremely rewarding,” Thornton says. “I’m the type of person who wants to help people. If someone says they need help, I’m the first person to say, ‘Sure. What do you need? What needs to be changed? What needs to be fixed? How can we solve the puzzle? And every day there’s a new puzzle.”

Thornton works with safety managers of clients and conducts regular seminars to promote safety in the workplace. She’s happy not to be behind a desk all day, though being in her office means she’s close to her Harry Potter castle, a Lego creation.

“Harry Potter is an obsession of mine,” she says. “The castle is in my office because I ran out of space for all my Legos at my house.”

When she’s not building something new, Thornton is up for just about anything that pops up on a Google search of fun things to do.

“I literally type that into my phone on some weekends,” she says. “I’m never idle for long.”

Recent search results paid off with visits to Hope Plantation and Tryon Palace, both in North Carolina.

Thornton’s sense of adventure inspires her to complete some pretty challenging hikes, including the breathtaking Cedar Run in Shenandoah National Park — 7.3 miles that’s a drain for the most seasoned hiker.

“When I go hiking, I’ll never look at a map,” Thornton says. “I’ll pick a trail with a weird name and just go with that.”

Thornton is a Navy veteran who moved to Virginia Beach from Portland, Oregon. While working for a maritime decking company as an OSHA trainer, she connected with a client of The Lee Group who recommended her for the position she now holds.

“I didn’t know what a staffing firm did,” she says. “When they told me that they helped people find jobs and employers find workers, I liked the sound of that.”

Thornton started in April 2015 and never tires of doing her part to make sure employees are 100% safe on the job. She’s never tires of adding to her knowledge; the math and science lover is studying geo-technical engineering. Where will it lead? She’s not sure.

“I love The Lee Group, and I love working at The Lee Group,” Thornton says. “I am someone who likes puzzles and likes to be challenged, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to get more education. Right now, I’m happy where I am.”

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