If you work in the multi-faceted hospitality industry, you know how busy it can be at certain times of the year. Summer can be hectic as can right before the holidays or any time a big event in town brings a bunch of visitors to your area.

Yet during other periods, traffic might be down and retaining staff year-round isn’t cost-effective. That’s where a staffing firm can help. Rather than plugging holes in a pinch, staffing firms can create a comprehensive hiring strategy to meet seasonal hospitality hiring needs so businesses never miss a beat during what’s often the most stressful times.

Consider this blog post your reminder to take a look at your hiring needs for your upcoming busy seasons and make a plan.

Where do you start?

First, define what the busiest seasons are with a tailored list of peak times. Then prioritize your short-term hiring needs based on that.

What kind of hiring needs can that include in the hospitality space?

Think qualified front desk attendants, banquet servers, dishwashers, cleaning crew and concession workers — the right fit so your guests continue to experience a high level of service despite the busy times.

While the best staffing firms – ahem, The Lee Group – will be prepared to meet your hiring needs when you contact them, it’s best not to wait until the last minute when anticipating an uptick in business.

A staffing firm can pull from its pool of vetted candidates, many of whom are only interested in temporary employment, including students and retirees. Staffing firms take care of sourcing and screening candidates and ensure candidates meet all the credentials of the job description.

However, starting sooner than your busy season starts allows you to build in time in for on-the-job training so your seasonal hires are confident in their jobs.

One bonus of seasonal workers is that they bring a fresh eye to your business. They come from all socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, infusing new ideas and new perspective. When you have future hiring needs, you can also pull from candidates who have already had a trial run. Be sure to build a meaningful relationship so that the best candidates want to return during other seasonal surges.

Even if you don’t use a staffing firm for all your hiring needs, it’s a different kind of challenge to bring in the best short-term seasonal workers. Use the tools – and staffing firms – you have access to make it easier.

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