Megan Sodol had no doubt she’d succeed as a Staffing Manager at The Lee Group. She’s just grateful she enjoys the job so much.

Sodol has a history of excelling at the detail approach needed to thrive at administrative tasks. She worked for six years in vacation rentals for visitors coming to the Outer Banks. She was also an administrative assistant for the The Lee Group’s sister shipyard staffing company, Global Workforce Solutions, where she pre-screened candidates for interviews. Sodol later moved into a Staffing Manager position there, before joining The Lee Group team.

Today as part of The Lee Group, Sodol recruits and staffs employees for positions across the Southside, out of the Chesapeake office.

“I enjoy working with people and communicating,” she said. “I like being able to help them by finding out what they’re interested in doing and then digging a little deeper for the best fit.”

Sodol didn’t think to use a staffing agency professionally, so it never occurred to her to work for one. Understanding how the ideal match can impact a person’s life appealed to her.

“It’s fulfilling to help someone find a career they like,” she said. “I like hearing about their personal goals and end goals so we can try to reach those.”

Given the plethora of manufacturing jobs available, Sodol will often point candidates to a production job that has advancement opportunities. Taking a circuitous path can reveal new possibilities, advice she lives. Initially, Sodol planned on a career as a medical assistant and considered working with children. She opened her mind to potential opportunities that led her to an alternative path that works well with her lifestyle.

Sodol married her fiancé, Brandon, in 2021. She loves to craft using her Cricut machine, which helped make the welcome signs for her wedding. She’s an avid reader who enjoys romance and mystery novels and doesn’t miss an opportunity to go fishing or spend the day on the water. It’s not unusual for her to explore a new park without an agenda.

“I’ll just go somewhere new and walk around,” she said.

That open mindset that she embraces is one she suggests to candidates searching for a future but unsure of where to begin.

“When I’m given an opportunity,” Sodol said, “I don’t waste it.”

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