As the United States continues to bring itself out of the past few years of recession, promising employment information has emerged from the first quarter of 2016; especially in the world of staffing. To date, U.S. staffing companies employed an average of 3.08 million temporary and contract workers per week; these numbers are up 0.3% from the same period last year. This information, stemming from data recorded by the American Staffing Association, sheds light on the fact that weekly employment has been its highest through June since the mid 2000s, 2006 to be precise. What does this say about the job market you may ask? It seems to me that companies are beginning to realize the benefits from utilizing staffing services and are eagerly establishing new partnerships that allow individuals to get back into the workplace and reignite commerce across industries nationwide.

In addition to the benefits of placing Americans back into the job market, both  temporarily and on contracts, the total sales in the staffing industry has climbed to over thirty billion so far this year. This is almost 5% higher than in recent years and illustrates the importance of these staffing partnerships to our nation’s economy. The temporary staffing market is almost like a thermometer for the nation’s economy as a whole, some say, and I agree. If numbers are down in the staffing world, you can bet the numbers in the nation’s marketplace will exemplify the same dilemma. The good news however, is that at this stage in the game, companies in the staffing world continue to report a steady demand for their services. This confirms the belief that if trends continue on in this manner, 2016 could prove to be another successful year both in the world of staffing and on the road to full fledged economic recovery across all industries. Fingers Crossed!!!

Chris Bresnahan is the Business Development Manager for The Lee Group, an Executive Search & Staffing Firm. He is instrumental in bringing top talent to new clients in all industries. To discuss how Chris can help your company Discover The Lee Group Difference, email him at chris.bresnahan@theleegroup.comChris Bresnahan Linkedin

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