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As we prepare to start a new year, many organizations have already gone through their strategic staffing plan for 2018. But we know the market is dynamic and even the best staffing plans might encounter a few wrinkles along the way. Or you might find that for a project on the horizon, you can’t afford to pull resources from your direct, “permanent” employees to complete.

In either case, temporary workers can be the answer to your staffing needs. As you consider whether a temporary worker is right for your business, consider these pros and cons:


Flexibility and speed: Using temporary staff provides the flexibility to adjust to workload fluctuations or unexpected changes in staff. And it’s fast. Staffing agencies have a pool of temporary employees with a wide range of skill sets that can be at your office helping your team and taking care of a project within hours after your call.

Cost efficiency: Hiring a temporary worker may be more cost efficient than hiring a full-time employee, especially if the work is short-term or project-based. There is no lengthy recruiting period with temporary workers, and there are not benefits to pay or provide.

Lower risk: Making the wrong hire is not only time consuming to unwind, but it also affects a team’s performance during the time the employee is on the job. A temporary hire avoids the red tape associated with hiring – and removing – a full-time employee that isn’t working out.

Assessment without commitment: Temporary workers can lead to excellent full-time employees. Employers can use the time of temporary status to evaluate a workers performance. If the temporary worker performs well, the employer may offer a full-time position. Hiring a temporary employee is a time and cost efficient way to recruit new employees.

Builds rapport with the staffing agency: If you’re making the move to hire a temp, it’s likely you’ll want to do it again. Having a trusted staffing agency partner will give you the confidence you’ll get reliable workers who are expert in their field and a good match for your business. This is where The Lee Group excels.


Training: No matter how well trained a temporary staffer is or even if they’ve worked in the industry before, there is going to be some level of training to understand and work within the nuances of your particular organization.

Legal: Businesses must ensure there is no question about the status of a temporary contract worker. There must be no gray area that hints the worker would be eligible for benefits afforded to a full-time or “permanent” employee.

Team cohesion: Sometimes an employee who is temporary can disrupt team cohesion. They lack the shared experiences of the regular team and at times could be seen as a threat. Managers need to be aware of this possibility and carefully manage the team dynamic.

If you’re thinking about hiring temporary staff, The Lee Group can help you find the right person for the position. The Lee Group prides itself in making sure it pairs the right temporary worker with the right employer. By understanding of the goals and desires of the employer and the prospective employee, the relationship will thrive. Contact The Lee Group today if you’re ready to bring temporary team members into your business.

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