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There’s no shortage of sites and articles offering advice for job seekers, but inevitably there is always some nuance or angle that’s been overlooked or under-emphasized. Here are three job-search tips you may have missed.

  1. Make the Most of your Network. By now you probably know the power of LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks. But are you really making the most of your connections? Ask some of your colleagues and connections to spend 15 minutes on the phone talking about their experiences, what they see in the market and where they think there may be opportunity. Most importantly, don’t end these conversations without asking for an introduction to at least one new person. This will help expand your network and the universe of eyes and ears watching for that position that is just right for you! Your network also can come in handy as you work to gain that edge on the dozens (or hundreds) of applicants for that position you know should be yours. Do some detective work to discover common connections with employees at the potential employer and ask for an introduction.
  1. Use a Search and Staffing Agency. You don’t have to search for a job on your own. Search and staffing agencies can add value to your search by extending your reach and doing the due diligence to know both candidates and clients. For The Lee Group, it’s not about just placing people in jobs. It’s about making sure there’s an optimal fit for the candidate and business Agencies also have corporate contracts to fill positions, some of which aren’t posted for public view. This gives you an inside edge.
  1. Thank You Makes a Difference. The follow-up “thank you” after an interview can make the difference between getting a job and being forgotten, or even worse, confused with another candidate! A simple thank you note or email to your interviewers is not only the polite action, but it also is a way to show your continued interest in the position, elaborate on something discussed in the interview and make sure the interviewer isn’t confusing you with the dozens of other candidates.

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