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This is the third part of a three-part series examining The Lee Group’s three “uniques.” Our uniques aren’t just rhetoric. We live them daily through every interaction with clients, candidates and employees. They are truly part of the core of how The Lee Group does business.

We’ve got your back.

At The Lee Group, we’re a second set of eyes for clients or sometimes, an extra set of hands. We look out for their best interests at every turn.

“When we work with clients, we’re a partner not a vendor,” said Sarah Fulton, Vice President of Operations at The Lee Group. “We work together to solve issues.”

Lee Group Newport News office’s Sarah Fulton.

If an employee from The Lee Group raises a concern while working for one of our clients, we take that seriously and listen impartially. We work toward a resolution that works for both parties.

We don’t finger-point. We don’t blame. We simply figure out the best solution.

We go the extra mile to have your back even when it’s uncharted territory.

The Lee Group President Walt Graham recalls an incident from many years ago when a client feared paychecks would not get to employees on time due to a weather emergency as the checks were cut in a different part of the country. That would be troublesome whenever it happens, but these were paychecks dated Dec. 24 — Christmas Eve.

“This wasn’t during the days of direct deposit,” Graham said. “The checks were sent by Fed Ex and delivered to a facility in Virginia. Due to a blizzard, those checks weren’t going to get there.”

The client was in a bind.

The Lee Group agreed to cut checks for approximately 60 employees who faced not getting paid the day before Christmas. Against the odds, Fed Ex was able to get the checks on the ground to Virginia; Graham ended up delivering them himself to the facility where the employees worked.

“That to me is my ultimate story of ‘I’ve got your back,’ ” Graham said.

When one client struggled with employee turnover due to a lack of resources to offer proper training for employees, The Lee Group stepped in to provide the training.

“I and one of our staffing managers went over and did training in the warehouse,” Graham said. “Sometimes our clients need access to a resource they don’t have access to. We take care of whatever they need from a human resources standpoint.”

The relationship between The Lee Group and customer doesn’t end after a good match is made. In fact, it’s just beginning.

“You need something,” Graham said, “we’ve got your back.”

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