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Today’s job market can present challenges for both employers and job seekers.

Companies find it difficult to quickly find the right talent for open positions, while individuals searching for work struggle to convince potential employers they have the talent and skills to fill the roles.

A search and staffing agency – like us here at The Lee Group – is a company whose mission is to provide solutions to employment challenges for both employers and job seekers. A staffing agency helps employers and prospective employees find exactly what they’re looking for – the right employee matched to the right job.

Whether you’re an employer searching for staff or an employee looking for work, a staffing agency is there to solve your immediate employment needs, and it offers additional benefits you wouldn’t gain by engaging in the search alone.

For employers, you gain value from an agency beyond meeting your staffing needs. A staffing agency offers you the ability to:

  • Reduce overtime costs. By filling roles quickly, you can balance the workload and avoid the need for overtime hours.
  • Save money on benefits and insurance costs. A staffing agency can provide temporary employees not eligible for company benefits.
  • Engage in a “trial” period with an employee before making an offer to add them to your payroll.

Employees see similar benefits:

  • Competitive benefits while you search for a permanent position. Most staffing agencies will offer some form of health insurance and paid holidays and vacation time.
  • Training from worksite safety to self-paced online tutorials covering a range of topics.
  • Career development and counseling, including resume writing and interviewing tips.

The best approach to satisfying both employers and job seekers is to know both groups well. The Lee Group does this every day making sure it knows exactly what its employer clients need in a team member, and the work history, capabilities and attitude of its candidate pool. With this information, The Lee Group search and staffing agency is uniquely prepared to work for both employers and job seekers, matching the best employees to the best employer.

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