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You need a job today. Does that sound impossible?

Not necessarily. Wading through online job postings can be daunting and laced with uncertainty. Why not start with a staffing firm?

The Lee Group, a leading staffing firm in Virginia, has built relationships with hiring managers and companies throughout Hampton Roads and Richmond. Its goal is to get the best candidates into specific open positions throughout the region.

When you submit your resume to a staffing agency like The Lee Group, the managers in offices in Newport News, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Richmond can then see where you might fit the best based on your location, your background and your work needs, and they facilitate every aspect of the process.

Even the best cover letters, emails and online applications often never make it to a hiring manager. When you work with a company like The Lee Group, you don’t have to worry about your materials being overlooked. The best recruiters have a direct pipeline to employers looking to hire, many on accelerated timeframes.

The Lee Group’s Job Board lists multiple open positions.

Make sure you tap into your own network, too. All of your family, friends and professional contacts should know you’re hunting for a job.

If you’re unemployed, finding a job is your full-time job. Be prepared to dedicate that much time to it. That means being prepared to interview immediately if necessary. While you don’t want to appear desperate during the interview, you can certainly convey your enthusiasm to start as soon as possible. Follow up after your interview with a thank you note. Be concise but stress your interest in the position again.

Make sure you update your resume and your LinkedIn profile with all your professional and educational experience. Include relevant volunteer work. Have it ready to submit, and make sure you tailorize it to reflect the jobs you are applying for. Keep a list of references handy with emails and phone numbers for your contacts.

If the immediacy of finding a job is your top priority, be willing to be flexible. That could mean you might have to accept offbeat or nighttime shift work. Or it could mean a farther commute than you would prefer. Be open to new opportunities.

Don’t eliminate a temporary prospect because it’s short term. If you do a good job, chances are you could be hired on permanently.

By all means, don’t get discouraged. Again, this is where a staffing firm like The Lee Group can help. Top staffing firms partner with you to find a job so you’re not in it alone.

Stay positive and professional throughout your job search and once you do land that opportunity, don’t squander it. Be on time, prepared and willing to apply yourself to do the best job possible.

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