Always remember the power and worthiness that you hold
You’re priceless, worth more than gold

Simone Anderson loves a rhyme. Those words are hers, pulled from one of her many poems. By day, she’s a Recruiter and Employee Relations Coordinator at The Lee Group’s Richmond location.

At night, the self-described homebody would rather curl up with a good book or better yet, write one.

“One of my goals is to write a novel,” she says.

Writing poetry comes naturally to her — any life experience lends itself to a verse. If a birthday is coming up, it’s not unusual for Anderson to write a poem for the occasion.

The Louisa County native studied communication and journalism at VCU but didn’t finish her degree when the cost of school became financially difficult.

“I decided I had to go to work and started at a doggie daycare,” she said.

Her introduction to working for a staffing agency followed after a customer suggested it. She started at an agency in Richmond, sourcing for available job positions. She found a better fit at The Lee Group, which hired her as a Staffing Manager in November 2020.

“The Lee Group is a completely different environment than the other staffing agency I worked for,” she says. “It’s a good company vibe here. At Lee Group, everyone is super nice and helpful and supportive of each other. We have an open family type of environment here.”

Anderson enjoys her mix of duties, some administrative but many that appeal to her creative side, including creating flyers and finding ways to engage her peers. On the side, she runs her own business, Simone’s FurBabies, where your pets become her pets while they are in her care.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved animals,” she says. “I treat them like children.”

Anderson also spends her off hours reading fantasy and suspense along with the works of her favorite poet, Maya Angelou.

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